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Getting Started


First, make sure you have Deno installed.


The command line interface is a single binary that generates code from Apexlang documents. The apex CLI is installed from the terminal/command prompt by executing the command below.

deno install -A --unstable -f -n apex
apex --help


  Usage:   apex
Version: 0.0.2
A code generation tool using Apexlang, an interface definition language (IDL) for modeling software.
-h, --help - Show this help.
new <template> <dir> - Create a new project directory using a template.
init <template> - Initialize a project using a template.
generate [configuration...] - Run apex generators from a given configuration.
list - List available resources.
watch [configuration...] - Watch apex configuration for changes and trigger code generation.
upgrade - Upgrade apex executable to latest or given version.
help [command] - Show this help or the help of a sub-command.
completions - Generate shell completions.

VS Code extension for the Apexlang IDL

Installing this extension is recommended but not required. It enables the following features while editing Apexlang documents:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Completions
  • Parsing and validation checks
  • Go to definition

Search for apexlang in the extension marketplace and click "Install". You can also build from source from this GitHub repo.

VS Code extension

Alternatively, if code is in your PATH, you can also install by executing this command from a terminal.

code --install-extension apexlang.apexlang

Next steps

Now your environment is supercharged for developing any applications!